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Laramie Auto Loans

If you commit to a Laramie auto loan, you want to be sure the car you're financing is built to last in order to maximize your investment. Find out the most dependable vehicles here.

Invest Wisely

Aside from your house, your car is likely one of the most significant investments you'll make in your life. As such, you want to be sure that you are taking out a Laramie auto loan for a quality vehicle that will stand the test of time. If your car constantly requires costly repairs and/or completely dies on you before your loan term is up, that will be a financial disaster for you. So, when you buy, make sure that you choose your vehicle as carefully as you choose Wyoming auto loans.

Simply the Best

J.D. Power & Associates conducts a study every year to determine the most dependable car brands. The 2007 survey assimilated the responses of 53,000 owners of 2004 model year vehicles. Any issues owners reported were counted as "problems" with the brand, and all problems were given equal weight. The results of the study may be helpful to you as you shop for Laramie auto loans and your new car. Here are the car brands with the fewest number of problems reported:

  1. Lexus: 145 problems
  2. Buick: 145 problems (tie)
  3. Cadillac: 162 problems
  4. Mercury: 168 problems
  5. Honda: 169 problems
  6. Toyota: 178 problems
  7. BMW: 182 problems
  8. Lincoln: 182 problems (tie)
  9. Subaru: 192 problems
  10. Oldsmobile: 196 problems
  11. Jaguar: 197 problems
  12. Acura: 207 problems
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Why Buy Dependable?

Aside from the obvious reasons of reliability, you also may want to buy a dependable vehicle in the interest of your finances down the road. Of course, getting a Laramie auto loan on a dependable vehicle will save you money in the short run because you won't have to hand over your life savings to your mechanic every other week. In addition, though, dependable vehicles can retain up to 15% more of their value over time than other less reliable vehicles. In other words, a dependable vehicle will have a higher resale value because it can likely be sold two or three times over its lifetime.

Category-Specific Awards

To help guide you in your quest for Wyoming auto loans and dependable vehicles, we've but together a brief synopsis of J.D. Power's quality awards for 2004 vehicles by category:

  • Subcompact: Scion xA
  • Compact: Honda Civic
  • Midsize: Buick Century
  • Large: Ford Crown Victoria
  • Compact SUV: Toyota RAV4
  • Midsize SUV: Oldsmobile Bravada
  • Large SUV: Toyota Sequoia

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